Two-thirds of seniors in the USA, or a mind-boggling 15 million people, have a loss of mobility.

This can be due to chronic muscle pain or joint pain, or conditions that affect gait and balance.

These 15 million people risk falling on the stairs at home, so they tend to avoid them.

They can no longer access large areas of their own homes.

If you or someone you love is one of the 15 million, you might have considered getting some modifications to your property that will help you stay independent and mobile.  

A stair lift is one of the most easily accessible and useful home modifications to help you keep moving around your home safely. AmeriGlide offers a range of lifts, as well as other mobility aids for private residences and commercial buildings alike.

What Can You Expect From AmeriGlide Stair Lifts?

At AmeriGlide, stairlifts are not the only product the company provides – they also design elevators, dumbwaiters, bath lifts, pool lifts, wheelchair ramps, platform lifts and much more. In fact, if you’re considering a number of modifications to your home to streamline your life, AmeriGlide is like a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

They offer a range of straight, curved and outdoor lifts – and you can select a used or reconditioned lift that will cost you hundreds of dollars less than a brand-new model.

Another plus point is that the company has a refreshingly large amount of information available online!

Many manufacturers can be a little reticent to offer pricing and other info about their products, as most stairlifts have to be customized to fit your home, so the prices vary considerably.

With AmeriGlide, you’ll get a pretty good overview of what you can expect for your budget and needs. We’ve taken a look at their various offerings, and compiled the main points below.

AmeriGlide Stairlifs – Products

AmeriGlide has 14 models of straight stairlifts, 5 models of curved stairlifts, and two outdoor models. Curved lifts can be customized for your U- or L-shape staircase, and are able to move easily around 90-degree angles. The outdoor models have a weatherproof coating to protect them from rain, frost, heat or harsh sunlight.

AmeriGlide is the nation’s leading online retailer of mobility equipment. Altough the company’s affordable stairlift units can be professionally installed or consumers can opt to install the equipment themselves.

Here are the standard models for the various lift categories. Other models have extra features and functions to suit your mobility level and personal preferences.

Straight stair lifts

The AmeriGlide Horizon standard straight stair lift is an affordable model with normal weight capacity.

It has a compact design, with a lever-operated seat and footrest that can be folded out of the way.

It can be used on steep staircases with angles of up to 55 degrees.

Its other standard features are a digital diagnostic display mounted on the carriage, and a lap belt for safety.

The diagnostic digital display shows when the lift is in a safe operating position, and also provides information if there’s a fault.

Curved stair lifts

The AmeriGlide Platinum curved stair lift can be custom-designed to fit almost any type of staircase. Multiple landings, a spiral staircase, 90-degree corners, or 180-degree turns – whatever your staircase configuration, you’ll be able to fit a lift that suits you.

Heavy-duty stair lifts

Both the Horizon and Platinum lifts are available in “Plus” models that can carry up to 350 pounds. While this isn’t the most heavy-duty capacity on the market, it’s a good fit for most body types.

Outdoor stair lifts

The AmeriGlide Deluxe stair lift is not only designed to be tough to handle the outdoors, it can also carry up to 350 pounds of weight. It suits both larger users, AND users of normal body type who are able to carry luggage or supplies with them on the lift.

AmeriGlide Stair Lifts – Features

AmeriGlide stair lifts have a number of features that are standard for all lifts, and some specialized features.

The lifts all have a seat swivel feature for easy on-and-off movements, and have safety sensors that bring the lift to a stop if there are obstructions on the track. Users can also control the lift movement with ease.

You can opt to hire your own installers, or pay for installation through the company. Most AmeriGlide stairlifts are designed for you as the homeowner to install yourself. If you’re not mechanically inclined, you can opt for an AmeriGlide contractor to do the install for around $500 to $600. Installations on steel, concrete, or tile will cost a bit more.

Lift features at a glance:

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AmeriGlide Stair Lift Costs

AmeriGlide stair lift price depends on the lift type, and also the features included with your choice of lift. AmeriGlide stair lifts price range varies between new, used or refurbished lifts, so you can pick whichever best suits your budget.

Straight models

The price range is $1,349 to $3,195. You can use two or more straight stair lift models to make an L-shape on a 90-degree staircase. This will be cheaper than installing a curved stair lift.

Curved models

If you prefer a continuous lift on your curved staircase, you can expect to pay from $6,293 to $10,089.

Outdoor models

Price can range anywhere from $2,568 and more.

AmeriGlide stair lift prices at a glance:

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AmeriGlide stairlifts come in a comprehensive range of models to suit most users. Customers can decide if they want to install the lift themselves, and there’s also a choice of used or new lifts, which will help you save money if you’re on a budget. AmeriGlide also offers financing through FirstBank or PayPal Credit, if you’re at least 62 years old and own your home.

AmeriGlide stair lift costs are not prohibitive. The main downside of a lift install is usually the cost, and the fact that Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of stair lifts. However, with the various money-saving options offered by AmeriGlide, the price needn’t come between you and your freedom!