Buying a stairlift is a significant investment. If you or your parents require any assistance walking, a stairlift offers a wonderful solution to maintaining independence in the home. However, there are so many companies to choose from and everybody promises the best offer with top-rated service. To help you make the decision a lot easier, we’ve compiled a list of companies you know you can trust. Here are some of the top-rated stairlift companies you absolutely have to consider:


Acorn is a UK-based company with US headquarters in Orlando.
They have lift engineers and in-home surveyors situated all over the country.

Acorn is one of the busiest stairlift companies in the world, and has a good track record.
They claim to have installed over half a million lifts in homes in 80 countries, and it’s easy to see why this brand remains popular.

Acorn keeps its product line simple with three types of stair lifts: straight, curved and outdoorlifts. The company manufactures and installs every stairlift itself, so it doesn’t outsource any of the procedures to a third party.

Easy Climber

Easy Climber stairlifts and home elevators are sold exclusively through Aging in the Home Remodelers.

Like most stairlifts companies, Easy Climber offers customized lifts. Each lift configuration will depend entirely on your particular staircase layout.

Easy Climber stairlifts feature swivel chairs for safe on-and-off movement, easy controls, safety belts, and safety sensors.



Bruno is a popular American-based stairlift company with a very good reputation.

They have four main model to choose from backed by a limited warranty.

Their lifts are sold through a number of dealers worldwide, so you can be assured of a quality product with excellent customer service.

You simply can’t go wrong once you opt to have a Bruno stairlift installed in your home. Bruno straight stairlifts have a limited lifetime warranty, while their curved and outdoor models have a comprehensive five-year limited warranty on components and two years on parts.


Stannah is one of the most highly-rated lift manufacturers in the world today.

They’ve been around for over 150 years, but interestingly, they started as crane and hoist manufacturers in the London dockyards. Since then, however, Stannah has come a long way. Their stair lifts will fit neatly into any home, no matter how what kind of staircase you have

Currently, this top-rated provider manufactures the four main types of stairlifts available on the market, including the straight, the curved, standing, and the outdoor lifts.



Harmar is a well-known and highly-rated stairlift brand based in Florida that supplies lift to countries on 6 continents.

Harmar has some innovative designs that combine compact size with heavy-duty functionality.

They have many dealers across the USA and offer a range of straight, curved and outdoor lifts– while you can also select a used or reconditioned lift that will cost you hundreds of dollars less than a brand-new model.


AmeriGlide has 14 models of straight stairlifts, 5 models of curved stairlifts, and two outdoor models.

They also offer used or reconditioned lifts that will cost you hundreds of dollars less than a brand-new model.

This company also offers many other products including elevators, dumbwaiters, bath lifts, pool lifts, wheelchair ramps, platform lifts and much more.

AmeriGlide stairlifts come in a comprehensive range of models that will have something to offer most users. Customers can decide if they want to install the lift themselves, and there’s also a choice of used or new lifts, which will help you save money if you’re on a budget.


Pinnacle stairlifts are made by Harmar, a highly reputable brand and one of the industry leaders.

The Pinnacle range consists of 5 straight stairlifts with different features to suit your needs and preferences.

Their high-quality stairlifts are sold through a number of dealers throughout the country, so this can also mean some fluctuations in the price depending on the dealer.


Excel is a trusted brand of stairlifts on both sides of the Atlantic, and offers several styles and models you can choose from.

Excel offers lifts in both straight and curved styles.

Both styles feature an innovative wireless remote control function that allows you to bring the lift to you or send it to another floor.

Not only does this allow you to move the lift out of the way when not in use, it also lets you move supplies and luggage between floors.

Sterling Stairlifts

Sterling is a division of Handicare, a well-known and highly rated US manufacturer of aids for seniors and the disabled.

Sterling understands that mobility and independence are important. They provide a free, no-obligation home survey and expert advice on what the best solution for your particular home will be.


Once the professional installation has been completed, they also provide a
familiarization session so that you can feel confident in using your new stairlift.

Summit Stairlifts

Reliability, affordability, and brand trust are the key features of Summit stairlifts.  

Summit stairlifts are manufactured by Harmar, which is a highly-rated and trusted brand sold on several continents around the world.

Summit lifts are sold through a number of dealers throughout the USA, so you should expect some differences in price depending on the dealer.


Brooks stairlifts are a reliable, safe, and comfortable option for people who have difficulties with their mobility.

Brooks lifts are sold through the popular Acorn brand. If you want luxury features alongside stylish design, look no further than Brooks.

All Brooks straight stairlifts are guaranteed for 12 months from the installation date. The guarantee covers all mechanical failures that might occur through defects in the manufacture of their quality products.