If you or someone you love is at risk of a dangerous fall due to mobility or balance issues, it might be time to consider getting some mobility aids installed at home.

It’s a fact of life that advancing age can affect your mobility and balance.

Even active and healthy seniors can experience a level of “wobbliness” while moving around in their day to day lives.

Excel stairlifts are a great addition to a multi-level house, as they can help you navigate stairs safely with way less risk of falling.

Excel is a trusted brand of stairlifts on both sides of the Atlantic, and offer several styles and models you can choose from.

Excel Stair Lifts – Products

The two main styles of stairlifts are straight and curved. Straight stairlifts are the most common style, and are designed to travel in a straight line from floor to floor.

People with more than two levels often install two or more straight stairlifts, to allow them to move freely around all levels.

Curved stairlifts are custom-designed to hug the turns and landings of your staircase in a continuous movement.

They generally cost more than a straight lift, and have a lower weight capacity.

Excel offers lifts in both straight and curved styles. Both styles feature an innovative wireless remote control function that allows you to bring the lift to you or send it to another floor.

Not only does this allow you to move the lift out of the way when not in use, it also lets you move supplies and luggage between floors.

Straight stairlifts

The Superglide and Horizon stair lifts both fold up unobtrusively on your staircase, and have a smooth start-stop mechanism that allows you to glide up and down your stairs.

The seats can swivel around, so you can get on and off the lift while safely facing away from the stairs. 

Curved stairlifts

The 180 Curve and Platinum Curve stai lifts are perfect for staircases with bends and intermediate landings.

Both models fold up unobtrusively at the bottom of your stairs, and allow you safe entry and exit. The Platinum model is also fully adjustable to your size and body shape.

Excel Stairlifts – Features

Excel lifts have the following standard features:

Excel Stairlifts Prices

Excel stairlifts price can vary, depending on the style. Some of the questions you should consider (and ask your dealer) when purchasing your lift include:

For some, Excel stair lifts costs can seem prohibitive. These are highly engineered appliances, so they don’t come cheap! However, being able to move safely and freely around all areas of your home can be well worth the financial outlay.

Most stairlift installations are custom-built to suit your home, at least to some degree. You can expect to pay the least amount of money for a standard, no-frills straight stairlift for a relatively short staircase of 12-14 steps. You’ll pay more for a curved lift.

Below is the price range you should expect to budget for, if you’re thinking of installing an Excel stairlift.

Type Price
Straight stairlifts $2,500 to $4,000
Curved stairlifts $10,000 to $15,000
Outdoor stairlifts $10,000 to $15,000



An Elite stairlift will fit neatly into any home, no matter how what kind of staircase you have. While a stairlift helps you to be safe and independent at home, it can be a pretty big financial outlay. There must be a downside, right?

The main downside of an Elite stairlift install boils down to price. They don’t come cheap, and to top it off, Medicare doesn’t currently cover the cost of stairlifts. They’re considered to be home modifications, and not “durable medical equipment” which is covered.

The cost of moving into a new home or a care facility can be huge – not to mention the emotional costs of moving from your neighborhood! Excel stairlifts price don’t come close. Essentially, your lift installation will pay for itself within a few years.

If you really need a stairlift but can’t afford it, various senior organizations might be able to help you fund your installation. If you’re a military veteran, you might be able to secure funding through the VA. Various dealers of Elite stairlifts also offer financing plans, so you can pay for the lift over a period of time.

Moving around at home should be pleasant and easy, not a nerve-wracking experience! If you’re fully cognizant of all the information out there, Elite stairlifts are well worth the price you pay.