Most people want to stay in their own homes as they age, for as long as possible. If you or a loved one can’t move around as easily as you used to, a stairlift can be a fantastic home modification.

However, there’s a huge amount of information out there that can be difficult to navigate. Finding a stairlift shouldn’t be harder than actually getting up your stairs!

The main things to consider when looking for a stairlift are:  what kind of staircase you have; and your mobility level. These two factors will determine the type of stairlift that’s right for your needs.

Sterling stairlifts come in several styles and models that can accommodate most requirements. Sterling is a division of Handicare – a well-known and highly rated US manufacturer of aids for seniors and the disabled.

As a trusted brand with a wide range of options, Sterling is a good choice for anyone wanting to make changes at home to suit their unique and specific mobility needs.

Sterling Stairlift Products

Sterling offers both straight lifts and curved stairlifts, as well as an outdoor version of the Sterling 2000 model.

Sterling lift functionality ranges from standard models that get you safely from point A to point B, to models with powered functions for people with very limited mobility.

The Sterling Simplicity 950 is a budget-friendly standard straight stairlift. It has a manual swivel seat, manual-folding footrest, and a compact profile to save space on the stairwell when not in use. The toggle control is easy to manage for people with issues like chronic pain from osteoarthritis.

The Sterling Simplicity 950+ has all the features of the standard 950 model, but with extra features. The seat swivel and footrest are operated with controls instead of by hand. There is also a sliding track option that enables you to move the lift track out of the way, if the bottom of your staircase has limited space.

The Sterling 1000 straight stairlift has a very sleek track profile, and a higher weight capacity. The lift can carry up to 440lbs if you opt for the extra heavy-duty version. Otherwise, the 350lb standard limit is sufficient for most users.

The Sterling 2000 is Handicare’s curved stairlift model. It’s customized for your curved or angled staircase, and has a number of power upgrades if you want them. The model has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, so it’s ideal for bariatric users.

Sterling Stair Lifts Features

Sterling Stair Lifts Price

You won’t find their prices online, but Sterling stairlift costs depend on various factors including but not limited to:

Below is the Sterling stairlifts price range you can expect.

Model Type Price
Sterling 950 Straight $2,500 to $3,500
Sterling 1000 Straight $3,000 to $4,000
Sterling 2000 Curved $10,000 to $15,000
Sterling 3000 Outdoor $10,000 to $15,000


Sterling Warranty

Sterling lifts have a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts, and a lifetime warranty on the gearbox and motor. This EXCLUDES the outdoor models.


Sterling stairlifts lack some of the fancy features of more expensive brands. For example, their weight capacity isn’t suitable for bariatric users.

On the plus side, their controls are extremely easy to manage, even for people with limited hand use. They also offer various upgrades and style options. Plus, the two-year warranty is a bonus compared to warranties offered by other manufacturers.  

Sterling stairlifts are a perfectly good choice if you’re OK with a quality product that suits most homes and basic user requirements. These are not luxury models with high-end features, but if you’re looking for a good meat-and-potatoes brand, this is a good option.