Summit lifts are sold through a number of dealers throughout the USA, so you should expect some differences in price depending on the dealer.

If you find you or a family member is having trouble managing the stairs, you’re at risk of a dangerous fall.  

Falls of the elderly are one of the leading causes of injury, and one of the main reasons why seniors have to relocate to a different home or a care facility.

But don’t start worrying about selling up and moving just yet!

Getting a stairlift installed can help you maintain your independence and stay in your community for as long as possible.

There is a large number of stair lifts on the market, so trying to find one right for you can be challenging! A Summit stair lift is a good option when you’re looking for a safe, straightforward, economically-priced home lift installation.

Summit stairlifts are manufactured by Harmar, which is a highly-rated and trusted brand sold on several continents around the world. Harmar also sells the popular Pinnacle and Helix models.

Summit Stair Lifts Products

Summit lifts come in straight indoor and outdoor models.

Summit Stair Lifts Features

Summit stairlifts come with various standard features. Upgrades are available for those who want them.

Summit Stair Lift Prices

Summit stairlift costs vary, depending on the type of lift.

The average cost of a straight stairlift runs between $2,000 and $5,000.

You can find used or reconditioned lifts for sale online, but bear in mind that you could run into some installation or warranty issues with a lift that isn’t brand new.

Summit Stairlifts FAQs

Before you decide to install a stairlift in your home, there are some things to consider that you should bring up with your lift dealer.

Will the Summit stair lift fit my staircase?

Summit stairlifts can be made to fit any straight staircase. An authorized professional should survey and measure the staircase in your home, before advising you on the type of lift you need. Of course, you could opt to measure up and install your own lift, but unless you’re good with your hands, it’s probably better to pay for the installation.

Is the Summit stair lift safe to use?

Summit stairlifts are made and sold through Harmar, which is a safe and trusted brand. Once your lift is installed, a company representative will show you exactly how to use it. Make sure you use it only as directed!

Will people still be able to walk up the stairs in my home?

Stairlifts take up about one to two feet of space on the staircase, depending on the make and model. When the lift isn’t in use, it can be folded up to create more space for “pedestrian traffic” on the stairs.

Summit stairlifts also come with a call / send button, so you can move the carriage to a convenient place when not in use.

I only need a stairlift temporarily – will I get a refund?

One of the main complaints about stairlifts are from people who had a lift installed, then didn’t need the lift after a while. This could be because the user of the lift recovered from the injury or condition that limited their mobility, or they moved house, or they passed away.

Lift manufacturers won’t offer you a refund if this is the case for you – but many companies offer stairlifts that you can rent temporarily.

If you have a visiting friend or relative who needs assistance with the stairs, or if you are recovering from an injury that will only affect your mobility temporarily, renting a stairlift is a good option.

Rental options are only available for straight stairlifts, not custom curved lifts.

Can I get help with the Summit stairlift costs?

Stairlifts are not currently covered by Medicare however, some states have programs to help people pay for senior mobility aids. Veterans can check with the VA if they qualify for assistance.

Most Harmar lift dealers also offer financing terms.


Reliability, affordability, and brand trust are the key features of Summit stairlifts.  Harmar has a countrywide dealer network, so your lift installation should be fast and easy to organize.

Most customers are satisfied with Summit stairlifts. If you’re looking for a quality product from a trusted brand that has reliable aftercare and won’t cost you the earth, Summit lifts are a good choice. If you want an ultra-modern high-tech stairlift with lots of customized features, you should probably look further afield.