Even if you’re reasonably healthy and active, declining mobility and balance can become a fact of life for you, as a senior. 

Your changing physical needs might mean your house needs some modifications.  

One of the best ways you can make your home safer to move around in is by having a stairlift installed.

Harmar is a well-known and highly-rated stairlift brand based in Florida that supplies lifts to countries on 6 continents.

They have a few different models on offer, so at least one is bound to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Harmar stairlifts are manufactured in eight straight and curved styles, including heavy-duty and outdoor models.

Below, we look at some of the benefits of Harmar stairlifts, and some of their best-selling models.

Benefits of Harmar Stairlifts


Harmar stairlifts have built-in safety features that stop the lift from moving if the seat, footrest, or armrests are not in their proper positions.

Some models also have automatic braking systems that stop the lift if there are obstacles on the staircase.

This is particularly vital if you live in a family home, where there might be objects left on the steps!

A stair lift allows you to get safely up and down the staircase in your home, without risking a fall.

However, the action of getting on and off the lift can pose a risk in itself for people with very limited mobility. Harmar stairlifts minimize this risk by having a seat swivel feature that makes them easy to access.

This chair lift is positioned at a comfortable height for you to sit down and stand up. There is also a safety belt feature, to ensure you’re fastened in securely during your journey between floors.


Harmar stairlifts are sold via thousands of dealer locations across the USA and elsewhere. Your dealer of choice will send an assessor to your home, who can help you choose the right kind of lift.

An assessor will evaluate the angle and length of your staircase, to make a rail that fits. Contrary to what you might assume, stairlifts are fitted to the stairs themselves and not to the wall of the stairwell. This means that you can expect a fairly quick installation that won’t affect your home interior.


If you can no longer move around safely in your own home, the prospect of having to uproot yourself and move house can be very upsetting. Many seniors have to move to a single-story house or a care facility, once their mobility starts to decrease.

Once you install a Harmar stairlift, you can continue living in the community right where you are, and move around your entire house almost as normal.

If you’re concerned about the cost of a stair lift installation, consider how much it would cost to relocate, or pay for a senior care facility! Harmar stair lift costs are not exorbitant, so you’ll find that the lift essentially pays for itself within a few years of use.

Harmar Stair Lifts – Products

Harmar manufactures straight stairlifts as well as a lift for curved staircases. Their range also includes heavy-duty and rugged outdoor models.

One of the most innovative features of Harmar stairlifts is the built-in rocker control feature. This is a great safety addition for people who have conditions that affect their balance. The rocker controls have a constant-pressure functionality that causes the lift to stop immediately if the control is released.

Straight stairlifts

The Pinnacle SL600 is able to fold up neatly against the wall to a mere 10.5” width. This design is perfect for narrow staircases, and family homes where other members use the stairs.

The Pinnacle SL600HD can carry up to 600lb of weight, which makes it one of the highest weight-capacity models on the market. It also has a swivel seat for easy on or off movements. This lift is a game-changer for bariatric users.

The Pinnacle SL350OD is designed for the great outdoors! You can access your driveway, porch or jetty with ease. The lift comes with a header cover, internal chassis cover and weatherproof cover.

Curved stairlifts

The Helix CSL500 curved stairlift can carry up to 350lbs on a curved staircase. Rails are custom-designed to hug every curve and landing safely.

Harmar Stair Lifts Features

Harmar stairlifts have a number of safety and convenience features, depending on the model.

You can choose lifts with swivel seats, or automatic braking systems.

The lifts also have a unique drive system that doesn’t require any grease or lubricants.

This reduces maintenance requirements – and you won’t get grease on the stairs, or on your pets!

Here you can see some basic features of the four featured models at a glance.

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Harmar stairlifts price

Harmar stairlift costs range from around $4,000 for the Pinnacle SL600, to around $10,000 for the Helix model.

This is around the middle of the price range for various styles of stairlifts. Here is an overview of the basic price range.

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Harmar dealers across the USA are partners with various financing programs. Your local dealership should be able to let you know quickly if you are eligible for payment options.


Harmar is an American company with an extensive service network, so your lift installation will be fast. You also won’t have too much hassle with repairs or maintenance for your stairlift.

Harmar has some innovative designs that combine compact size with heavy-duty functionality. Their SL600HD model is widely considered to be the best bariatric lift in the market.

Harmar stairlifts come loaded with safety features if you opt for them, and a top-notch reputation amongst senior organizations who conduct customer polls. Our final opinion? Harmar is a great choice of lift.