Brooks Stairlifts Prices Review

Are you struggling with stairs due to age or disability? If you’re looking for something to help you with your mobility issues at home, what better than a stairlift that was designed with love and care? Brooks’ first stair lift was designed by a British engineer. His wife struggled with their staircase at home due […]

Summit Stairlifts Prices Review

Summit lifts are sold through a number of dealers throughout the USA, so you should expect some differences in price depending on the dealer. If you find you or a family member is having trouble managing the stairs, you’re at risk of a dangerous fall.   Falls of the elderly are one of the leading […]

Sterling Stairlifts Prices Review

Most people want to stay in their own homes as they age, for as long as possible. If you or a loved one can’t move around as easily as you used to, a stairlift can be a fantastic home modification. However, there’s a huge amount of information out there that can be difficult to navigate. […]

Excel Stair Lifts Prices Review

If you or someone you love is at risk of a dangerous fall due to mobility or balance issues, it might be time to consider getting some mobility aids installed at home. It’s a fact of life that advancing age can affect your mobility and balance. Even active and healthy seniors can experience a level […]

Pinnacle Stairlifts Prices Review

If you want to make some adjustments to your home to help you stay independent and age in your community, a stairlift can be a very useful household addition. Limited mobility can often prevent seniors from getting around as easily as they would like, and a stairlift will help you move between floors without risking […]

AmeriGlide Stairlifts Prices Review

Two-thirds of seniors in the USA, or a mind-boggling 15 million people, have a loss of mobility. This can be due to chronic muscle pain or joint pain, or conditions that affect gait and balance. These 15 million people risk falling on the stairs at home, so they tend to avoid them. They can no […]

Harmar Stair Lifts Prices Review

Even if you’re reasonably healthy and active, declining mobility and balance can become a fact of life for you, as a senior.  Your changing physical needs might mean your house needs some modifications.   One of the best ways you can make your home safer to move around in is by having a stairlift installed. […]

Stannah Stair Lifts Prices Review

The Baby Boomer generation is characterized as highly determined and independent. If you fit into this category, you’ll know that getting older isn’t going to stop you from staying in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible. After all, the benefits of independent aging are well-documented. Declining mobility and balance is […]

Bruno Stair Lifts Prices Review

As we age, even otherwise healthy individuals can experience loss of mobility and balance. This can be manageable while engaging in low-key everyday activities – but it can make moving up and down stairs risky. Falls are the biggest cause of injury in seniors, and one of the main reasons that older people have to […]

Easy Climber Stair Lifts Prices Review

No-one wants to think about moving into a downsized home because of aging or loss of mobility. If you’re a senior person, you’ve likely lived in the same house and neighborhood for decades. However, for many people who can no longer manage to move around their multi-story homes safely, having to move house is a […]